Golaghat AO

Golaghat region is in upper Assam which is home to a large number of tea gardens and agarwood farms. The region has an ideal climate for the growth of agarwood trees and perfect conditions for natural infection of the wood. No wonder the agarwood trees in Golaghat are not required at all to be artificially inoculated to induce agarwood resin.

Agarwood chips for distilling the oil were sourced from the agarwood trees of this very region and therefore we named the oil as - Golaghat. Distilled by one of our oldest and experienced hand in the industry in Assam, the agarwood dust was soaked in water for almost two weeks and then distilled in our distillation unit in Golaghat. The oil truly represents the pinnacle of agarwood oil from Golaghat.


  • Top Notes - A very wild, fierce, primitive oil. Opens with a very rich and provocative tangy, zesty aroma with peppery, spicy undertones like wild herbs and plants fused with the intriguing aroma of wet grass, moss and damp earth.
  • Middle Notes - Delightful piquant, tart with very captivating hay that smoothly gives way to pleasing buttery, cheesy nuanced tones with a hint of clean animalic notes.
  • Basenotes - Acetic, animalic notes with hay and dry grass. Cheesy notes are much more pronounced while oil still retains its wild, ferocious character in the basenotes.

An oil which is truly savage, untamed as if straight out of dense tropical rainforests of Assam, Nagaland, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh.

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