Karimganj AO

Karimganj is located in Southern Assam and borders Tripura and the Sylhet Division of Bangladesh. It makes up the Barak Valley alongside Hailakandi and Cachar. The region is home to some of the last standing wild agarwood trees in forest under the control of tribal people. 


The agarwood dust for distilling this oil came from the agar trees of Karimganj. We got it distilled in a remote village, a few kilometers away from Badarpur town in Karimganj.

  • Top Notes - Nice viscous oil. Very refreshing and rejuvenating. Opens up like sweet corn, wheat sacks and fresh hay. And dampened Chinese balm and ointment kind of notes complemented by the whiffs of petroleum notes. It feels like it opens up your chest and rejuvenates your mind. Neither barn nor animalic. Very reminiscent of summer holidays in the grandma’s village.
  • Middle Notes - Top notes quickly give way to middle notes of flat profile. Not very complex for the nose. Rather easy. Thick delicious honey with dampened herbage. Sweet corn is still lingering.
  • Basenotes - Bottom notes are hay, grass that gives visual imagery of vast open farms. The oil doesn’t lose its refreshing character all through.

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