Sibsagar AO

Sibsagar is an ancient region in upper Assam which was once the capital city of Ahom kingdom that ruled the Assam region for six centuries. Sibsagar is famous for its rich biodiversity. It is bordered by the Naga Hills and Arunachal Pradesh in the south and south-east respectively and the Brahmaputra river in the north.

Like the Golaghat region, the environment here is very conducive for the growth of agarwood trees and the trees have a very high rate of natural infection giving us an abundant supply of natural agarwood.

For this oil, we sourced our wood from the Sibsagar region. Water soaked for a few days and then distilled in a village near Nagaland border. With a few months of ageing, oil has turned out superbly well.

  • Top Notes - Intoxicatingly woody. Charmingly contrasting itself with mild sweet and smooth tangy notes all along taking you to the deep jungles of north east India with tall, dark and dense coniferous trees overshadowing and eclipsing the earth from sunlight giving damp, mossy tingling to your nostrils and fallen, rotten trees trunk getting into the mix.
  • Middle Notes - Woodiness becomes a lot more polished and tranquil with very obscure animalic and masked hay notes enchanting and caressing the olfactory senses. 
  • Basenotes - Woodiness can’t get over from this oil even long after application of the oil. This is the hallmark of this oil. Smooth creamy notes along with fresh berries in the basenotes makes the conclusion of the oil very serene and peaceful.

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