Varman (वर्मन)

Top Notes - A very deep, floral sweet oud oil that sits around your skin that overlay with a thin layer of citrusy trail. Within a few moments, a very viscous, incense aroma starts to blossom from deep within that leaves a meditative effect on your mind and soul.

Middle Notes - Musky, balsamic notes start to appear increasing the depth of oil enveloped by sweet incense notes. The progress of these heavenly notes is lead to a very interesting end of middle note with the rise of muddy, wet soil note that seems to have lost sweetness.

Basenotes - Grainy, powdery notes that are dark and deep with complex, mesmerising aroma of resin filled hindi oud wood burning on slow burning coal. This is where oil begins to spin a dreamy effect on you by playing with the innermost senses of your mind, body and soul leaving you in a state of ascetic, monkish consciousness.


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