RIL gifts Oud to Saudi Aramco and Royal Family by Indicana Oud

Reliance Industries Found The Best Gift: For Its Arab Friends From Saudi Aramco And Royal Family

by Yawar Saeed

Reliance industries Ltd. from India  and Saudi Aramco from Saudi Arabia, the two corporate giants of our modern time, are seeking for a historic business deal with each other.

And what could be a better gift to exchange between the two at this anticipated extraordinary event but the treasured Indian agarwood!

At this cusp of history, we at Indicana Oud are playing the kingmakers between these two corporate giants with our Indian agarwood chips and agarwood oil!

Read how Indicana Oud was roped in by Reliance Industries Ltd. to help them with the best gifting idea for their friends in Saudi Aramco and royal family to make them feel the most special of friends and appreciate their invaluable relationship!

RIL Gifts Indicana Oud to Saudi Aramco and Royals

(Reliance Industries Ltd. of India and Saudi Aramco of KSA have been in talks for a huge lucrative deal)

Since the time immemorial through the history of mankind, Indian agarwood has been used by the Indian kings as gifts to the kings of foreign kingdoms to forge new alliances, extend the hand of friendship and boost mutual businesses.

In this modern era of capitalistic societies, big corporations are the new kings! They make new alliances across the borders, friendships between nations are forged because of them and businesses are boosted across the oceans!

Reliance Industries Ltd. of India and Saudi Aramco of Saudi Arabia, the two corporate giants of our modern times, have been pursuing each other for a huge, lucrative business deal.

This courtship has also resulted in good friendship and great camaraderie between the top executives of the two companies, high officials in the ministries and top members of the royal family!

Oud Gift Pack by Reliance for Aramco and Royal Family of Saudi Arabia - By Indicana Oud

Reliance Industries Ltd. wanted to give the most precious gift that could be given to the top executives of Aramco, ministry officials and members of the Royal family to make them feel the most special of people and appreciate their relationship.

For this purpose, they formed a small team consisting of a Vice-President at Mumbai Headquarters and a Senior Interior Designer at ‘Antilla’ (the name of residence of CEO of RIL, Mr Mukesh Ambani in Mumbai) along with a few fellow executives.

They found out that the most adored and treasured gift from India for the Arab friends could be nothing but the exquisite quality Indian oud oil and oud wood. The Arabs just admire, cherish and love the rare and precious Indian agarwood!

True Awakening Oud Oil Chosen by RIL for its Aramco Friends and Royal Family

(Picture above: Oud oil in a one tola bottles by Indicana Oud)

And their hunt for the best quality oud oil and oud wood led them to finally approach us at Indicana Oud in the early February 2021.

We started working early with the RIL team to design the whole gifting idea of agarwood oil and agarwood chips.

The task for us from the RIL team was clear - they wanted not just to have the best quality Indian oud wood and oud oil but also to design the whole packaging that would be beautiful and luxurious yet simple and elegant at the same time such that the people gifted with these gifts would remember it for their lifetime!

Indian Oud Chips Reliance Gifted Aramco - Indicana Oud

(Picture above: Rare piece of oud wood from Mizoram)

The teamwork between us at Indicana Oud in Delhi and RIL in Mumbai was all through digital medium since covid pandemic raging all through the country was at its peak and most of the parts were under lockdown including Delhi and Mumbai.

Nevertheless it was no dampener to our spirit as we were fully cognisant of the importance of this task and the confidence that RIL had invested in us.

The oud oil that was finalized was ‘True Awakening’ from our Transcendental Series of oud oils. 

Oud Oil from India Being Transferred to Bottles

(Picture above: True Awakening oud oil being poured in 1 tola bottle for RIL)

This particular batch for RIL was distilled in early 2020 with the agarwood dust (small granular pieces of agarwood prepared for distillation) sourced from Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Assam with almost zero soak. The oil had deep, complex notes of wild tropical rainforest, sweet berries and very woody dry down!

 Indicana Oud Oils from India for Aramco and Royal Family Gifted by Reliance Industries

(Picture above:  True Awakening oud oil in bottle before packaging)

Besides the quality of our oils that comes from our art of making them, we wanted science to back up our ‘top quality claim’. We got the GCMS test done at one of the NABL accredited labs in Delhi and the results amazed us as well!

The test identified 77 different compounds in the oil from the family of sesquiterpenes, aromatics and derivatives of chromones. And here is the amazing thing - the three major compounds found with their percentage in the oil were - Agarospirol (11.38%), Guaiol (9.76%) and Aristolene (8.76%). A very clear indicator of a very top quality oil!

The oil was packaged in dazzling glass bottles with sparkling silver coated top and base having a vintage feel and look. The bottles were further wrapped with soft and beautiful peruvian brown microsuede cloth imported from Europe.

 Microsuede Cloth Used for Packaging of Oud Oil and Wood by Indicana Oud

(Picture above:  Microsuede cloth imported from Europe used for packaging of oil and wood)

Microsuede cloth was placed inside the pine wood boxes having around it light, desert brown shredded grass to provide extra cushioning and enhance the beauty of packaging. The pine wood boxes had laser printed Indicana logo on top of each box. 

The whole packaging gave the feeling of complete luxury for the oud oils!

Luxurious Packaging of Oud Oil by Indicana Oud for Saudi Aramco and Royal Family

(Picture above:  Oud oil bottles in pine wood boxes)

And the agarwood chips that were finalized were the top most quality oud chips from our store.

Agaru-1 by Indicana Oud - RIL Gift to Saudi Aramco and Royal Family

(Picture above:  Wild oud chips from jungles of Mizoram)

The oud chips that we got for RIL was sourced from forests of Mizoram, Tripura and Upper Assam. All naturally infected in the wild, full of resin! The finest wood pieces from these regions were handpicked for this batch.


Mizoram Source Agaru-1 by Indicana Oud for Aramco and Saudi Royal Family

Top Quality Oud Chips for Aramco and Royal Family from KSA - Indicana Oud

Just like oud oils, we used the same theme for packaging of oud chips to make the whole gift packaging graceful and coherent.

Agaru-1 Oud Chips Luxurious Packaging - RIl Gift for Saudi Aramco Executives and Royal Family - By Indicana Oud

(Picture above: Half kg oud chips box. Oud chips covered by microsuede cloth)

Oud chips were placed in the microsuede cloth surrounded by shredded grass inside the pine wood box. The box had a large Indicana logo printed on top.

Oud Oils and Oud Chips - RIL Gift for Saudi Aramco and Royal Family - By Indicana Oud

(Picture above:  A set of half kg oud chips and one tola oud oil)

The whole packaging of oils and wood was designed around enigmatic, deepening colour gradient starting with light brown color of the pine wood boxes to start with and gradually becoming darker shades of brown everytime one layer of packaging was uncovered as if unravelling and unveiling the mystery to finally reveal the most precious Indian oud hidden and safely guarded deep inside - giving the unboxing a whole new level of unparalleled experience!

Pine Wood Boxes RIL Used for Gifting Aramco and Saudi Royal Family - By Indicana Oud

(Picture above: A final packed set of half kg oud chips and one tola oud oil. A multitude of these sets were prepared for RIL)

We delivered all the gift boxes to Reliance Industries Ltd. by late May’21 from where it was further taken to their Arab friends.

It was a historic moment for us at Indicana Oud to have worked on this huge project and nothing would bring more joy to us than the sealing of the epochal deal between the two iconic mega companies as that would permanently etch us in the history along with these two colossal names of our times!

Yawar Saeed
Yawar Saeed


Merchant of Oud

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