Ancient Assam Oud Oils-4

Assam oud oil


Ancient Assam series of oils is a tribute to Assam, the region known for its agarwood around the world since very old times. The well known historical kingdoms in the region like Kamarupa, Davaka, Koch Hajo, Ahom - to name a few; traded agarwood with the neighboring and far off kingdoms while many foreign invaders fought with them to gain control of the region for this extremely treasured good. Many historical and ancient books are heaped with words of praise for the aloeswood from Assam!

Indicana oud brings that old and native spirit of ancient Assam captured in its series of oils, crafted by some of our best distillers from Assam. Crafted in the most traditional method, by the most experienced hands, using the most excellent aloeswood to produce oils that capture the aroma, aura, warmth of ancient Assam!

For Ancient Assam series 4 - we bring to you three oils from the upper Assam region. The region, perhaps, most fertile land for the growth of Aquilaria trees in all of the world and most susceptible to natural infection in all of the world!

The oud oils are named after the indegenous tribes of Assam with each oil being named after the tribe from the region it comes from!

These oils are very incense-like, deep and round, sitting close to your skin. Pure smooth, incensy oils with great depth and meditative notes.

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