Pure and artisanal Assam oud oil or agarwood oil from upper Assam region. This oud oil was distilled in the copper pot after being soaked for more than two weeks.

Named after Abu al-Hasan Ali ibn al-Husayn ibn Ali al-Masudi (c. 896–956) He was an Arab historian and geographer. He is sometimes referred to as the Herodotus of the Arabs. Al-Masudi was one of the first to combine history and scientific geography in a large-scale work, The Meadows of Gold and Mines of Gems (Arabic: مروج الذهب ومعادن الجوهر‎, Muruj adh-dhahab wa ma'adin al-jawhar), a world history.


Description: The sweetest oud oil of all the oud oils in the Traveller’s Series. This hindi oil is a good starting point into the world of pure and artisanal oud oil for the noses that are trained to western and french perfumery and are averse to eastern fragrances. The sweetness surprises even those who are used to hindi oils that have barn and animalic notes. Although you do find them but they are also sweetened. The oil starts with sweet milky, cheesy notes. The heart note is warm with all enveloping musky and woody notes. The dry down is sweet woody with hints of smoke of firewood.

Collections: Travellers' Series Oud Oils

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