Buy Oud in Delhi - India

Looking to Buy Oud in Delhi, India?

Come and visit us at our store in the heart of Delhi to buy the natural, pure agarwood oil and agarwood chips.

Delhi and NCR region (Gurugram, Noida etc.) is fast waking up to the knowledge of pure oud oil and chips and its numerous benefits.

In fact, whole of India is re-learning oud, agarwood, aloeswood, agaru etc. and returning back to it which was left and forgotten for quite a few generations in India.

I get many phone calls, emails and whatsapp messages from Delhi enquiring about pure and only pure oud oil required. People put a huge stress on purity and and it being 100% natural. Why is that so?

Yes I sell pure and natural oud. No doubt. But I obviously become a little intrigued why people are stressing for pure and natural agarwood. Upon prodding a little more I have come to learn from these enquiries that people looking for pure oud not just for its aromatic excellence but also many people are looking for its use in Ayurvedic, Unani and Prophetic medicines.

So Delhi, come and visit me at my store and learn from me its use and benefits and buy, without hesitation, the purest oud oils and oud chips that you can buy in the city.