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Looking for gift options for the coming wedding or Ramadan or even corporate gifts in the UAE?

We at Indicana oud provide oud oil and bakhoor in luxurious wooden gift boxes with personalized engraving.

Oud Gift for Muslim Arab


What could be a better gift than exotic oud oil and dark resinous oud bakhoor?

Oud has become synonymous with the Middle East.

It’s an inherent part of life in the Arab region and as part of Arabic culture.

Corporate Gift Oud UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi


It is used as a traditional aromatic and perfume in many forms: from high-grade wood chips burnt to welcome guests into one’s home, to perfuming garments and also perfuming the household with a rich and opulent oud fragrance.

In the UAE, It’s a mainstay of the Emirati homes. Oud is synonymous with warmth, richness and Arabian hospitality.

And with our oud from Assam - India, the natural habitat of agarwood which gives the most authentic and exotic oud experience to your loved ones!

Wooden Box Gift UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi


We also do private labels for your own brand of oud oil and oud wood.




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