Pure Assam Agarwood Oil - Oud Oil from India


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Davaka is pure and natural agarwood oil from the land of agarwood - Assam, India. The oil has been distilled by one of the most experienced family from India involved in this art of oud oil distillation for more than 45 years now.

The curving chips were soaked for almost 20 days in the ground water of Golaghat which lend Davaka its barny, butyric heartnote.

Davaka, along with its other siblings from Ancient Assam series of agarwood oils, has been specially distilled for Indicana oud with some of most resinous oud wood from the region of Golaghat, Assam.


Top notes - Powerful oil with complex fusion of sweet, floral and deep, heavy notes yet very difficult to decipher its individual notes. This oil is unlike oud oils yet very true oud oil. The closest top notes I can sense are of heavy sweet notes of plums and cherries deeply interwoven with the symphony of leather, wood, smoke and earth.
Middle notes - Grainy, barn, hindi notes begin to rise and encompass with whiffs of creamy, butyric notes becoming more and more prominent.
Basenotes - Deep and heavy with hints of barn and hindi notes, animalic intertwined with fully developed butyric, milky notes.
It is very unique and powerful oil. Some of my friends from middle east loved it most of all my oils.