Deori Oud Oil

The oil is named after the tribe of Deori who live along the Brahmaputra river, primarily located in the states of Assam, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. The Deori live in the villages that are scattered along the river banks, and their homes are built on wooden or bamboo stilts facing the river.

About Oil :

A top class Assamese oud oil distilled in 2019 with raw material sourced from upper Assam. The raw material was soaked in water for more than 20 days before hydro-distillation.

Distilled in a very traditional set up in a village near Golaghat, the oil is a lot sweeter than you ever get from the upper Assam aquilaria malaccensis trees. 

The oil has now aged more than 3 years that gives it real depth throughout its aromatic spectrum.

Distilled : 2019

Region : Upper Assam


Top notes : A mysterious, sweet oud that keeps you guessing with its notes that are shrouded with mysteries. The first swipe of oil on your skin leaves you enchanted with its luminous yet earthy notes. Enigmatic, mystifying with deep leathery and oud notes contrasted with soft and sweet rounded notes of Indian Jujube fruit and hint of green apple.

Middle Notes : Develops into highly meditative oil with deep incense character, the character of earthy and sweet notes through from the top notes.

Basenotes : Deeply sweet with undercurrents of powdery floral notes settles near your skin with whiffs of enchanting woody notes leaves you spellbound, mesmerized.


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