Pure Assam Agarwood Oil - Oud Oil from India


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Kamarupa is pure and natural agarwood oil from the land of agarwood - Assam, India.

Named after one of the oldest known kingdom to have existed and flourished in the region of present day Assam. There are mentions of most excellent aloes (oud wood) of Kamarupa being carried by the travelling pilgrims all the way to the then western Indian city of Multan (now in present day Pakistan). During those days in Kamarupa, oud was one of the main items of cosmetics as there is mention of this article in different old scriptures of Kamarupa.

Kamarupa oud oil has been distilled by one of the most experienced family in the art of oud oil distillation in India involved in this craft for more than 45 years now. Residing in one very small village of Mazgaon, Golaghat - Upper Assam, the distillation unit was set up by the father in early 1970's. Now his sons have carried forward this art from their father.

Kamarupa oud oil, along with its sibling from Ancient Assam series, has been specially crafted by this family for Indicana Oud using nothing but the best, highly resinous aloeswood for distillation.


Top notes - Fresh citrusy and zesty, full of energy. Tangy, peppery notes enveloped and complemented by humming pungent notes.

Middle note - Honey, floral notes whispering through minty, musky, earthy notes.

Basenotes - Deep musky, heavy hay, green notes with undertones of rounded barn.

Overall this oud oil feels very fresh and crisp and together with its mellowed, rounded notes, it plays and tantalises with your olfactory senses.