Karbi Oud Oil

The oil is named after the tribe of Karbi. Racially the Karbis belong to the Mongoloid group and linguistically to the Tibeto-Burman group. The Karbis entered Assam from Central Asia in one of the first waves of migration to North-east India.

About Oil:

Karbi oud oil is classic Indian oud oil of old times. A powerful contrast of incense sweetness against piquant, woody notes. The oil is distilled using oud shavings sourced from Upper Assam of the aquilaria malaccensis trees.

The oud shavings were soaked for 15~20 days and then hydro-distilled to get the classic Indian oud oil!

Distilled :2019

Region : Upper Assam


Top Notes - A very deep, floral sweet oud oil that sits around your skin that overlay with a thin layer of citrusy trail. Within a few moments, a very viscous, incense aroma starts to blossom from deep within that leaves a meditative effect on your mind and soul.

Middle Notes - Musky, balsamic notes start to appear increasing the depth of oil enveloped by sweet incense notes. The progress of these heavenly notes lead to a very interesting end of middle note with the rise of muddy, wet soil note that seems to have become mild sweet now.

Basenotes - Grainy, powdery notes that are dark and deep with complex, mesmerizing aroma of resin filled hindi oud wood burning on slow burning coal. This is where oil begins to spin a dreamy effect on you by playing with the innermost senses of your mind, body and soul leaving you in a state of ascetic  consciousness.


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