Koch Hajo Pure Agarwood Oil from Assam India | Natural and artisanal oud oil

Koch Hajo

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Koch Hajo is pure and natural agarwood oil from the land of agarwood - Assam, India. The oil has been distilled by one of the most experienced family from India involved in the art of oud oil distillation for more than 45 years now. 

Koch Hajo, along with its other siblings from Ancient Assam series of agarwood oils, has been specially distilled for Indicana oud with some of most resinous oud wood from the region of Golaghat, Assam.

This oil is named after the ancient kingdom - Koch Hajo under Raghudev and his son Parikshit Narayan of the Koch Dynasty on the north bank of Brahmaputra river in the medieval Assam. The name Hajo comes from a legendary king Hajo the Koch, an ancestor of the Koch dynasty.


Top notes - Clean, smooth, delicate, soothing, light fruity floral, very mellowed and rounded top notes

Middle notes - muddy, like the scent of first rain on dry earth with tantalizing hints of tangy petroleum notes

Basenotes - Deep, sweet floral and powdery, petroleum notes giving way to sweet agreeable barn.

A very good oil for western noses who are looking to start into the world of oud oils. A very delicate balance of sweet and deep aromas takes you to an opulent sensory experience. And at the price we are giving, it’s a steal for pure oud oil!