Singpho Oud Oil

The oil is named after the tribe of Singpho which inhabit India, China and Myanmar. They inhabit the state of Arunachal Pradesh and Upper Assam. Singpho are the same people as those called the kachin in Burma and the Jinpo in China.

Distilled : 2020

Region : Upper Assam

About Oil:

From a new distillation set up in Upper Assam, this oil is completely different from what you get from Upper Assam. Fresh Citrusy notes contrasted with sweet, balsamic notes.

The oud shavings were soaked for more than 45 days yet, surprisingly, the animalic profile is almost absent. What you have is a very deep profile with the springtime in the tropical forest feeling in the oil.


Top Notes : Starts with powerful and fresh zesty, piquant notes which have a very calming, tranquil effect on the mind while contrasting sweet balsamic notes captivate your inner self.

Middle Notes : The oud quickly explodes into rounded citrusy notes that begin to blossom into a fruity, sweet smelling oud with a trail of hay and woody notes in the backdrop.


Basenotes : Fresh woody, hint of floral accords giving a feeling of springtime in the tropical forest of Assam.


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