Agarwood Oud from Assam India

Oud - The Most Expensive Perfumery Ingredient on Earth

مارس 25, 2024 12 Comments

What is Oud? What is an agarwood tree and where is it found? How is the infected heartwood formed in the agarwood tree? Learn the brief history and uses of agarwood oil. For those at the threshold of making a transition from oud perfumes to pure oud oils and wish to learn about oud.

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Uses and Benefits of Agarwood

17 Benefits of Agarwood Oud that You Should Know

مارس 25, 2024 4 Comments

Pure Agarwood Oud in its various forms; oil, wood, powder, plant etc. has been used for many health benefits and treatment of various illness. For thousands of years, agarwood has been used for medicinal purposes and continues to be used in Ayurvedic, Tibetan and traditional East Asian medicine. Learn here its benefits and uses.

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Agarwood Aromatherapy

3 Scientific Research Studies That Prove Therapeutic Properties of Oud Essential Oil

فبراير 28, 2024

This article looks into various research studies done to find out the therapeutic properties of agarwood oil and gives the reader an overview of the benefits of agarwood in aromatherapy with their research work.

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