Aloeswood India - K5479

Aloeswood India K5479

Batch - D24



Region: Upper Assam - Assam

Species: Aquilaria Agallocha

Quantity: 3 Pieces

Weight: 54.79 grams

Found nestled within the lush tropical rainforests of northern Assam, India, are these three extraordinary pieces of agarwood, each a true marvel of nature's bounty.

Aloeswood India from Namrup Assam

These agarwood specimens, found only once in a while amidst the verdant beauty of Assam's forests, are prized for their exceptional rarity and unparalleled quality. With their deep, resinous aroma and exquisite beauty, they represent a rare treasure waiting to be discovered by those with a discerning eye for the extraordinary.

Aloeswood K5479 Piece 1 in Hand

Hand-selected with care and reverence, these pieces of agarwood embody the essence of Assam's rich biodiversity and cultural heritage.

Aloeswood K5479 Piece 2

They serve as a testament to the resilience and beauty of nature, offering a glimpse into the timeless mysteries of the rainforest.

Aloeswood K5479 Piece 3

Whether you are a seasoned collector, a connoisseur of rare oud, or simply an admirer of nature's wonders, we invite you to explore these rare treasures and experience the magic of Assam's agarwood for yourself. Welcome to a world of unparalleled beauty and rare luxury.

Collections: Oud Wood, Rare Oud

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