Naga Oud Wood - Large | Agarwood | خشب العود ناجالاند


Naga Oud Wood - Large | خشب العود ناجالاند


A very sweet and spicy oud with balsamic notes to capture your mind and soul!

Nagaland agarwood is light brown to medium brown in color yet very high in quality.

If you think that black color of the wood is always the sign of best quality of oud then perhaps you may turn your attention to Kynam, the pinnacle of oud, which is light brown in color.

The fact is the high quality oleoresin secreted by the tree as a response to fungal attack is not alway dark black in color. At times the compounds in the oud - Sesquiterpenes and Chromones may display the color to be light to medium brown while oud itself being of very high quality!

Naga Oud Wood - Large sized oud comes from the state of Nagaland - India, which borders Arunachal Pradesh to its north and Assam to its north and west and Myanmar to its east. Like its geographical location, these agarwood chips from Nagaland is an amalgam of Assamese and Burmese agarwood aromatic odyssey.


خشب العود الطبيعي من ناجالاند - الهند

يأتي خشب العود هذا من غابة ناجالاند - الهند التي تقع في أقصى شرق ولاية آسام في الهند.

إنه بري ورائحته حلوة وحارة.

لا يوجد مادة كيميائية. لا لون. لا الغراء

اكتشف الجوهر النقي لخشب العود مع خشب العود الهندي الخام

Naga Oud Wood Large - خشب العود


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