Shamama 999

Shamama 999


Shamama 999 attar has more than 50 ingredients collected from different parts of India including various spices, herbs, essential oils. It truly represents the spirit of India.

Shamama oil is produced through a long, complex and enduring process. It is a co-distillation of all the various ingredients that go into the still for distillation. The steam containing the aromatic compound in vapour form is caught in the receiver using the sandalwood oil layer.

This oil is further mixed in a copper deg with some more spices along with essential oils of rose, sandalwood and oud. This is slowly heated for a few days and then kept closed for a few more days before the copper deg is opened.

Each attar maker in Kannauj has his own recipe of making shamama attar, a closely guarded secret,  which is passed down generation after generation.

There are many qualities of Shamama produced nowadays in order to provide for all kind of customers.

The major difference in these qualities comes in the amount of sandalwood oil used.

The highest quality is based on pure sandalwood oil of the highest quality.

Then there is a difference in the quantum of the various ingredients used which are in different proportions to make various qualities of Shamama.

The best Shamama takes nearly 45 days to make whereas other qualities may take 20 to 25 days to prepare.

Shamama 999 is the highest quality Shamama attar which makes use of the perfect proportion of all the ingredients with the most deliberate and refined process in order to make the finest and the most exotic Shamama.

Top Notes - Opens brightly with saffron and sweet floral almost like Indian sweets of its various festivals.

Middle Notes - Very complex notes of herbs, spices and earth with sandalwood becoming very prominent.

Basenotes - A perfect harmonious notes of rose, sandalwood, vetiver and oud.

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