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Invest in Agarwood

Looking to invest in agarwood business? or looking for a trustworthy partner? 

Invest in Agarwood Oud



Why Invest in an Agarwood Business?


Agarwood or oud ( العود) is perhaps the most aspirational luxury good in the Middle East.

The allure and craze for agarwood in the Middle East is perchance visible in the amount that some people will throw for acquiring the high quality agarwood reaching up to US$ 1000 per gram!

And this mania is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact if anything, it's only only scaling new heights every year!

According to market research report by Fact.MR

Agarwood oil market in 2024 = US$ 140 million and expected to grow to US$ 225 million at 4.7% CAGR by 2034

Agarwood chip market in 2024 = US$ 7 billion and expected to grow to 16 billion US$ at 7.6% CAGR by 2034

Agarwood oil demand has been growing very rapidly in the markets like United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia!

However the vast majority of this market share comes from the Middle East with KSA and UAE being the major consumers!

As an investor looking for a market tested - Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and a very large Minimum Viable Segment (MVS) with continued market growth in the near future, agarwood business is definitely one of the best investments you can make today!

Why Invest with Indicana Oud?


Indicana Engraved Oud Gift

Our Core Competency - Our passion for oud combined with our sense of purpose to bring the best agarwood to the customers has made us one of the most trusted agarwood dealers.

We started upstream in the supply chain from Assam working our way up and gradually moved up downstream in the supply chain with our network spread deep into India.

We also have our network of agarwood in Bhutan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries.

Our strength lies in our team which is very skilled and knowledgeable and knows the quality of agarwood, its species, varieties keeping customer requirements at the forefront. 

Our proficiency and experience in the intricacies of the agarwood supply chain helps us deliver and meet the timelines.

Our core competency combined with our cutthroat pricing gives us the unprecedented competitive advantage in the agarwood market.

Indicana Oud is your Trustworthy Partner


Trustworthy Agarwood Oud Seller

A large number of agarwood suppliers, driven by greed to maximize profits and ignorance of the gulible customers, have dumped the market with adulterated agarwood oil and fabricated spurious agarwood chips.

It has become increasingly very hard for the customers to find and deal with agarwood dealers who can be trusted for the purity of their goods.

Indicana Oud is your one stop trustworthy partner for delivering the purest agarwood in all its form.

With our checks and quality control in place at every stage of our procurement and production of the agarwood goods, you can be assured our agarwood goods are not only pure in its natural form but also of the highest quality.

Our Clients


Indicana Oud Cleints

Because of the unique prestigious position we hold in the agarwood world, we have gained a customer base of some of the most prestigious people / organizations in India as well as in the Middle east. Some of them are -

Reliance Industries - Indian multinational conglomerate and the largest public company in India.

SHBK International Holding, Abu Dhabi - An MOU with the company of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Khalifa Al Nehyan for joint sales of rare quality agarwood for Royal families and Businessmen in Abu Dhabi.

And many others such clients and counting more…..

Who Am I?


Yawar Saeed from Indicana Oud

Hi, I'm Yawar Saeed based out of Dubai, UAE.

Besides agarwood, I'm fond of traveling, photography and food.

I’m a mechanical Engineer by qualification and worked in the automobile sector in India in various roles - Customer Care, Business Analyst, CRM Development, Sales Planning and Distribution before moving into the world of agarwood, a personal passion for many many years!

I have been running my agarwood business since 2014 and this has made me come across wonderful people from various backgrounds, geographies, culture for our shared love for agarwood and in exchange, has given me a chance to learn about this world like never before!

As I pursue my journey with agarwood further, I wish to learn more and grow in this small beautiful world!


Dubai - UAE

Reach me out on phone or email : 

Phone / Whatsapp : +971507470992

Email :

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