About Yawar | Founder and Creator of Indicana Oud


Yawar - 'The Merchant of Oud'

Yawar Saeed Alhindi, the man behind the creation of Indicana Oud, founded the company in 2014 following his passion for oud.

Yawar Alhindi - Founder of Indicana Oud


Meet Yawar Saeed Alhindi, the visionary founder behind Indicana Oud, your premier destination for authentic oud products. From a young age, Yawar's fascination with the world of natural fragrances sparked a lifelong journey into the realm of oud.

Before delving into the oud business, Yawar embarked on a diverse career path within the automobile industry, honing his skills and expertise in various roles. However, his passion for oud remained steadfast, driving him to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams and establish Indicana Oud.

With a deep-rooted love for oud and a commitment to authenticity, Yawar's mission goes beyond business; he seeks to enlighten and educate others about the multifaceted aspects of agarwood. Through Indicana Oud, Yawar aims to share his knowledge and passion, ensuring that customers not only receive premium oud products but also gain insights into its rich cultural heritage and therapeutic benefits.

Driven by his dedication to quality and his desire to foster a deeper understanding of oud, Yawar Saeed Alhindi is a true advocate for this revered natural treasure, shaping the way people perceive and appreciate oud worldwide.




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