Agaru 1 | Agarwood Oud | خشب العود الهندي


 Agaru-1 Oud Wood - خشب العود الهندي


Agaru-1 is the naturally infected agarwood, high in resin content that comes from the region of Sibsagar in upper Assam which has perhaps one of the most conducive environment for the growth of agarwood trees in India. Even though agarwood trees grow all over north east of India yet Jorhat-Sibsagar belt has the highest natural infection rate of all the regions.

Agaru-1 Oud displays the same aroma characteristics as oud from Arunachal Pradesh.

Agaru-1 Oud Wood has a very complex fusion of rich aroma of spices and woody notes with soft delicate whiffs of sweet floral saffron like notes. With deeper burning of the wood, the aroma is heavy woody, smooth creamy just like the smoke rising up in a still room which is very soulful leaving you in a deep pensive mood.


Agaru-1 خشب العود من منطقة آسام - الهند

خشب عود عالي الجودة يأتي من الغابة البرية

إنديكانا عود يجلب خشب العود النقي من الغابة بدون لون أو غراء أو أي مادة كيميائية

لها رائحة غنية ومعقدة وحلوة للغاية

Agaru-1 Oud Wood from Assam India - خشب العود الهندي


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