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About Indicana Oud - Exclusive Online Store for Premium Indian Oud


Indicana Oud was founded in the year 2014 by Yawar Saeed Alhindi with the aim of providing pure and authentic oud experience to a discerning group of customers who know how rare it is to experience oud in its pure form. A haven for those who seek the pinnacle of luxury and refinement. We specialize in rare and exclusive oud products for a select group of discerning individuals who demand nothing but the best. At our store, we believe that true luxury lies in authenticity, purity, and exclusivity.


Pure Agarwood Oils from India

(Picture above: Pure Indian Oud Oils)


Indicana Oud is your trusted source for pure and natural oud from India. At Indicana Oud, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality oud products while educating consumers about the authenticity and purity of this precious resource.


Oud Oil Distillation in Process at Indicana Oud Factory in Assam - India

(Picture above: Oud Oil Distillation in Process at our Factory in Assam - India)


In an industry flooded with counterfeit or inferior quality oud products aiming to maximize profit by reaching to mass market, we stand firm in our commitment to integrity and transparency. Our mission is to raise awareness about pure oud, ensuring that every customer receives authentic products that uphold the rich tradition and cultural significance of oud.


Oud Wood from India by Indicana oud

(Picture above: Highest quality Indian Agarwood Chips)


Sourced directly from reputable private forest lands and farms in India, our oud is meticulously selected and processed to preserve its natural essence and therapeutic properties. With a focus on sustainability and ethical practices, we strive to support local communities and protect the environment for future generations.


Agarwood Trees in Assam India by Indicana Oud

(Picture above: Agarwood trees in Assam)


Whether you're a connoisseur seeking the distinctive aroma of genuine oud or someone exploring its benefits for the first time, Indicana Oud is here to guide you on your journey. Experience the true essence of oud with our carefully curated collection of products, crafted with passion and respect for this revered treasure of nature.


Pure Oud Oil from India by Indicana Oud

(Picture above: Pure Oud Oil in quarter tola bottles in our store)


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