About Yawar | Founder and Creator of Indicana Oud


'The Merchant of Oud'

Yawar Al-Hindi, the man behind the creation of Indicana Oud, founded the company in 2014 following his passion for oud.

Yawar Alhindi - Founder of Indicana Oud


Since his early childhood, he was fascinated and enchanted by the olfactory creation of the aromatic world that constantly appealed to his nose, with special inclination towards all things natural around him.

He developed a deep passion for oud for its deeply complex aroma, health and therapeutic benefits and enriching ancient past deeply embedded in the history of mankind.

A mechanical Engineer by education, he founded the company realizing his dream of bringing Indian Oud from the jungles of Assam, one of the oldest natural habitat of Agarwood trees to share this wonderful scent with all the Oud enthusiasts, connoisseurs, collectors around the world.

His oud is crafted and perfected by the artisans, who inherited the art of making Oud passed onto them through generations still using the tools and methods that have changed little over hundreds of years, under his supervision to meet his demand for nothing but surreal Oud.




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