About Us


'The Merchants of Oud'

With the dream of bringing Indian Oud from the jungles of Assam, one of the oldest natural habitat of Agarwood trees, to the Oud lovers, connoisseurs, collectors in the West, 



Yawar Al-Hindi and Abu Dihya at Indicana Oud have created a new ‘incense trade route’ from the remote and partially connected states of North East India to the West to reignite the charm of Indian Oud that once enthralled the Royals, Aristocrats, Kings and Nobles for thousands of years.



Our Oud is crafted and perfected by the artisans, who inherited the art of making Oud passed onto them through generations still using the tools and methods that have changed little over hundreds of years, under our supervision to meet our demand for nothing but surreal Oud.


Indican Oud - Pure and pristine Indian oud