True Awakening Oud Oil

Pure Oud Oil from India


It’s your Eureka moment! 

The most popular oud oil from our store, awakens all your senses from deep within!

Discover the transcendental world of the olfactory realm with this oil that is all pervasive!

This is your true awakening!

Welcome to this new aromatic world that is beyond words, speech and expressions.

Felt only by those who experience it!


About Oil:

True Awakening oud oil (batch II) - From the oud dust collected from Nagaland, near the borders of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, comes this oil that is the most tenacious, most complex of all the oud oils. 

Soaked in water for 7 days, the oil was distilled in copper equipment on low heat to bring one of the most viscous, strong oud oil! 

Description of Notes:

Top notes - Opens up with powerful notes of sweet wood and old trees with strong undertones of peanuts and walnuts!

Middle notes - Dark and deep. Well rounded woody, herby notes and hints of fresh smoky air. Feels like you are walking deep in the woods on a foggy winter morning!

Basenotes - Woody notes that are subtle and sit very close to skin. Smell of hay and earth with a hint of sweetness.

Collections: Transcendental Oud Series

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