These are simply one of the best Indian oud oils ever! They make you transcend the whole aromatic universe into a completely different realm, a timeless and ethereal world of exceptional and unique scents that words fail to describe. 

Deeply meditative and soothing, the oud so rich, dark and mesmerising with different complex notes from all corners of earth, perfectly infused and superbly blended into each other that one who wears them reaches an olfactory state which no one comprehends except the one who experiences it.

These are the oud oils that will completely rewrite and rewire the oud in your olfactory brains forever!

These exquisite oud oils were distilled at different locations in Assam by our artisan distillers. For distillation of oils, the agarwood dust of highest quality was sourced and selected from upper Assam, the place rich with aquilaria malaccensis species of agarwood trees. The agarwood dust was all from naturally infected trees and water soaked for 14 to 20 days and then hydro-distilled under controlled heat temperature. The oils have been aged for almost 1 year.

Pure Indian Agarwood Oils by Indicana Oud - Transcendental Oud Series from Assam India

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