Travellers' Series 

Travellers' Series by Indicana Oud

From the 9th century C.E. onwards, many travellers and geographers travelled from the lands of Arabs and Persia towards India and far-east to collect the information of these mystical, mysterious lands. After travelling a very long and tiring journey from one land to another over a period of many years, they collected a wealth of information of their languages, food habits, clothing, religion and culture, trades and businesses. Amongst many things that were reported, agarwood from these lands remained one of the most favourite and common topic of discussion for these travellers because of its unique and prestigious value it held amongst their nations and cultures. Travellers' Series oud oils is dedicated to these travellers, geographers and historians who travelled and trotted the world they lived in and documented everything they saw and observed with the finest and minutest details to give us the taste and sense of that old world. Fire your imagination and indulge in the luxury of that pure and pristine old world again with our Travellers' Series agarwood oils.

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