About Indicana Oud

With an endeavour to bring pure and natural Indian oud, also popularly known as agarwood, from the forests and jungles of Assam and other northeastern states to its enthusiasts, connoisseurs, collectors around the world, Indicana Oud was founded in the year 2014 by Yawar Al-Hindi.

Pure Agarwood Oils from India

(Picture above: Pure Indian Oud Oils)

Our agarwood oil is distilled from carefully selected best agarwood dust of the highest quality which ensures that the quality of oud oil is nothing but the best that you can get for your money.

Oud Oil Distillation

(Picture above: Oud Oil Distillation in Process)

Likewise the agarwood incense chips are selected after due diligence and thorough inspection and when we are assured that the quality of the agarwood incense exceeds the expectations of our valued customers then only these agarwood incense chips make it to our store.

Agarwood Chips from India

(Picture above: Highest quality Indian Agarwood Chips)

Indicana oud leverages its deep knowledge of agarwood, its well connected network of suppliers of high quality wood spread throughout Assam and other north eastern states to stay on top of the Indian agarwood market in the world.

With the market now flooded with synthetic or blended oud oil and often sold by various sellers as pure oud to beguiled customers, Indicana Oud is your one stop store where you can buy the purest oud oil in the market with the peace of mind, assured that every bit of agarwood oil and chips that you buy is not only in its purest form but of the highest quality that one can acquire.

Agarwood tree in Assam

(Picture above: Agarwood tree in Assam)

Naturally infected agarwood pieces are carefully selected by Indicana Oud and undergo the intense check at various levels for its purity, quality and multiple other attributes and finally selected to make it to our store and packaged in the most elegant handmade bottles and handcrafted boxes to maintain the quality and add beauty to our products.

Pure Indian Agarwood Oils by Indicana Oud

(Picture above: Pure Agarwood Oils in quarter tola bottles in our store)

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