Private Labeling | Your Own Custom Brand of Oud Agarwood

We create a great Oud experience for your brand!

We provide a complete private labeling solution for oud oils, oud chips, bakhoor and other oud based incense for our clients. Custom oud blend creation as per brand story, bottling of oud oil, packaging with exceptional support & service.

Private Custom Labeling in Dubai UAE

Created & assembled in the UAE

Our passion is discovering your brand's needs so you can give your customers the touch of luxury they deserve. From brand creation and sourcing best oud for your brand to package design, bottling and marketing, our team is by your side every step of the way.

Creative and Bespoke Design

We pride ourselves on taking the time to get everything about your needs for your oud brand line. Our private label services are made to capture each client’s unique image and style, and to provide them the opportunity to use their brand identity on a luxury perfume line that generates great revenue and customer loyalty.

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