Deep Silence Oud Oil

Pure Agarwood Oil from India - Tripura


Contemplate the depth of real oud with this sweetest Indian oud oil!

If we did not tell you that it is malaccensis, you would mistake it for its sweetness for crassna from Kalimantan Borneo Island from the far east!

Yet this sweet Indian oud stays true to its hindi profile in depth!

Stay entrapped in the labyrinth of deep complex notes!

As the oud slowly and gradually unfolds and begins to capture your heart and mind, surrender yourself to the new unexplored, undiscovered aromatic world with wilful submission!

Embrace the new magical world of pure oud oils with stillness of mind and deep silence of the soul.

About Oil:

Deep Silence oud oil (batch II) is made from oud dust (finely powdered oud chips) from north Tripura.

North Tripura has some of the wildest agarwood trees standing in the jungles and private forest lands.

The oud oil was distilled early in the year 2019 and it has aged really well into a well rounded, sweet Indian oud oil!

Description of Notes:

Top notes - Delightfully forest honeyed soft notes with strong undertones of smooth velvety fruity notes.

Middle notes - Strong character of sweet flowers and berries which quickly settles into deep woody notes with sweet balsamic touch.

Basenotes - Becomes very subtle - sweet, creamy woody assimilating with your skin.

Collections: Transcendental Oud Series

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