Pure and artisanal Assam oud oil or agarwood oil from upper Assam region. This oud oil was distilled in the copper pot after being soaked for more than two weeks.

Named after Abu'l-Qasim Ubaydallah ibn Abdallah ibn Khordadbeh (c. 820 – 912 CE), better known as Ibn Khordadbeh or Ibn Khurradadhbih. He was the author of the earliest surviving Arabic book of administrative geography. He was a Persian goegrapher and bureaucrat of the 9th century. Ibn - Khordadbeh attained high office under Abbasid Khalifas and employed his leisure time in geographical researches.

Description: The oud oil is sweet hindi and starts with powdery, cheesy and muddy, earthy notes which are very rounded and flat. And then oil starts to become more complex, deeper and warmer. The heart note begins to take over with complex congregation of sweet fruity yet warm, smoky notes with woody note forming heart of the heart note. And at the conclusion, dry down has notes of delightful barn and sweet hay.

Collections: Travellers' Series Oud Oils

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