Inner Musings

So you thought all this while that you know oud well!

It’s time to think again. 

The very first sniff of these pure oud oil makes you think and ponder.

Complex, mesmerizing, captivating; It’s unlike anything you have ever experienced.

It can be surprising and overwhelming. A revelation!

You can’t help but to think and ponder.

Finally, in a state of self contemplation, your inner musings begin to challenge your old notion, perception and sense of oud!

Top notes - Opens with its wild side like in a dense jungle with piquant notes coming from the presence of wild animals and woody notes from the wild plants and trees.

Middle notes - Wild top notes give way to well rounded notes which are deeply meditative, Incensy, holding you back from acting on the wild cues from the top notes.

Basenotes - Hay, animalic with hints of barn and creamy, buttery notes.

Collections: Transcendental Oud Series

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