Oud Ubayd | Sinking Oud | عود غطاس


 Oud Ubayd - Sinking Oud (عود غطاس)


Region : North Cachar Hills Forest - Assam India

Piece 1 :

Length : 35.0 cms

Weight : 119 gms

Sinking : Yes (100% Underwater)

Piece : 2

Length : 36.5 cms

Weight : 149 gms

Sinking : Yes (99% Underwater)

Category : Sinking Oud | Underwater Oud | Chen Xiang 沉香 | Jinkoh 沈香 | غرق العود

From my private collection is Oud Ubayd, two absolute gems - sinking oud pieces from Assam - India.

Obtained from a very old agarwood tree, nestled within the lush landscapes of North Cachar Hills in Assam, India, are these two extraordinary treasures of nature - sinking oud that defy convention and captivate the senses. Unprecedented for their exceptional rarity and breathtaking beauty, these sinking oud specimens stand as testament to the unparalleled wonders of the Assam region.

Formed in the two main branches of the tree at the point where they were connected to the stem of the tree, they look as if sculpted by the hands of time itself.

Each piece of these oud boasts a size and aesthetic unmatched by any other. Their majestic presence commands attention, drawing admirers into a world of unrivaled opulence and mystique.

Oud Ubayd smells sweet at room temperature (~25°C) and leaves indelible rich trace of oud whiff on your fingers once touched!

The first piece exudes an aura of mystique and allure. Its size commands attention, yet it is the intricate patterns and rich hues that truly mesmerize. Each whorl and curve tells a story of centuries past, a testament to the wisdom of time and the artistry of nature. It stands as a testament to the divine craftsmanship of the forest, a symbol of strength and resilience.

Sinking Oud - Oud Ubayd by Indicana Oud - Piece 1 Close Up Longitudinal

The second piece is a masterpiece of elegance and grace. Carved by the gentle hand of nature, it exudes a serene beauty that captivates the soul. Its delicate contours and exquisite details evoke a sense of wonder and reverence, inviting one to delve into the depths of its mysteries. Like a rare gem unearthed from the depths of the earth, it radiates an ethereal glow, casting a spell of enchantment upon all who behold it.

Sinking Oud - Oud Ubayd by Indicana Oud - Piece 2 Macro Longitudinal

These two sinking agarwood pieces are more than mere treasures; they are timeless works of art, each possessing a unique charm and allure. As rare as they are exquisite, Oud Ubayd stands as testament to the wonders of nature, offering a glimpse into the sublime beauty of the North Cachar Hills and the magic of sinking agarwood.

For collectors and connoisseurs alike, encountering Oud Ubayd is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Their rarity transcends mere scarcity, imbuing them with an aura of exclusivity and prestige that is unmatched by any other.

From the heart of North Cachar Hills - Assam, amidst the whispers of ancient forests and the melody of flowing streams, Oud Ubayd - the sinking oud stands as a timeless symbol of nature's boundless splendor and the allure of the rare and extraordinary.


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