Ruh Gulab Kannauj

Ruh Gulab Kannauj


Rose Flower for Ruh Gulab Kannauj by Indicana Oud

Pure rose essential oil also popularly known as Ruh Gulab in India is warm deep-floral, slightly spicy and immensely rich, truly reminiscent of red roses often with nuances in the spicy and honey like notes.

Ruh Gulab is obtained by hydro-distillation of rose petals. The oil obtained is pale yellow or slightly olive yellow liquid and is used in perfumery, flavours and aromatherapy.

Indicana oud brings you the Ruh Gulab of the most exquisite quality obtained by hydro-distillation of rosa damascena Mill commonly known as Buussorah or Fasli Gulab in Hindi belonging to the family Rosaceae from the farms of the north villages of Hasayan, a small town little over 200 kms from Delhi.

The rose oil has the rich heritage of being used as scent on its own or made as attar with other oils for thousands of years in India.

The main constituents of the rose essential oil thus obtained are citronellol, nerol, geraniol and phenyl ethyl alcohol.

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