Santal Mysuru

Santal Mysuru - Sandalwood Oil from Mysore


"As if to prove that love would conquer hate, the sandalwood perfumes the very axe that lays it low" - Rabindranath Tagore

Sandalwood is little in need of any introduction to anyone. Yet very few people know it's true aroma, the aroma of pure Indian sandalwood oil!

Sandalwood is a prized gift of the plant kingdom woven into the culture and heritage of India. It has been a main item of trade for south Indian states for more than 5000 years! Egyptians imported the wood from India and used it in medicine, embalming the dead and ritual burning.

Sandalwood oil is used in perfumes, cosmetics, aromatherapy and pharmaceuticals.

Wouldn't it be amazing for you to smell this treasured oil that has a deep history connected with earliest of civilizations?

Indicana oud brings you the most excellent quality sandalwood oil obtained by steam distillation of heartwood from the sandalwood tree (Santalum album L. (Family: Santalaceae)).

This oil was distilled in the year 2020 in the city of Kannauj. Aging has made the oil very rounded, strong and a tiny drop on your finger is enough to last you the whole day!

This oil has a colour of pale yellow to yellow and smells extremely soft, sweet-woody and almost animal balsamic odour, presenting little or no peculiar top note and remaining uniform for considerable length.

The sandal tree, also known as Chandana in India, is botanically Santalum album L belonging to family Santalaceae.The sweet, powerful and lasting odor makes Sandalwood oil useful in the perfume industry. The fragrant parts of sandalwood oil constitutes of α- and β-santalols.

The plant, Santalum album is a native of the highlands of southern India mainly Coorg, Chennai and Mysore. It generally occurs at altitudes of 2000-3000 feet.

Uses: Sandalwood is mainly used as coolant, and also sedative effect and astringent activity, making it useful as disinfectant in genitourinary and bronchial tracts, diuretic, expectorant and stimulant. 

The sweet, powerful and lasting odor makes Sandalwood oil useful in the perfume industry. 

The same is also used as tonic for heart, stomach liver, anti-poison, fever, memory improvement and as a blood purifier.

Various uses mentioned in Ayurveda system about sandalwood are in treatment of various other ailments like diarrhea with bleeding intrinsic hemorrhage bleeding piles, vomiting, poisoning, hiccoughs initial phase of pox, urticaria, eye infections and inflammation of umbilicus. (Reference: Santalum Album Linn: A review on morphology, phytochemistry and pharmacological aspects, International Journal of PharmTech Research.)

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