True Awakening

True Awakening - Pure Agarwood Oil by Indicana Oud

It’s your moment of Eureka!

Discover the transcendental world of the olfactory realm that is all pervasive!

This is your true awakening!

Welcome to this new aromatic world that is beyond words, speech and expressions.

Only felt by those who experience it!

Top notes - Opens up with powerful notes of wood and old trees with subtle smoky notes and hints of dark coffee. It’s like waking up in misty woods early in the morning in your cosy camping tent with white smoke of campfire rising up to the sky and cup of hot coffee in your hand.

Middle notes - Dark and deep. Well rounded woody notes. Feels like now you have started walking deep into the woods for your journey!

Basenotes - Notes are subtle and sit very close to skin. Smell of hay and earth with a hint of sweetness.

Collections: Transcendental Oud Series

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